Power Solutions

Power Solutions


Driven by a resilient push for economic growth in all sectors and the nationwide goal to achieve 100% electrification by 2030, power generation is one of the most important drivers for change in Myanmar. Joining hands with industry experts from across the world, Myanmar is actively working towards achieving its set goals.

Amid this fast paced landscape, KMN leverages its core strengths to lead various power generation projects throughout the country – specifically in the Yangon, Tanintharyi and Eastern Myanmar region to name a few.


Bringing electricity closer to our cities and consumers, transmission is the next important step in connecting the nation to the grid. During this phase, project design, costing and safety considerations have a huge impact on the results achieved.

With hundreds of miles of transmission line and substation projects, up to 500kV, completed and in progress, KMN is one of the select few local companies that hold the record for such experience under our belt.


As electricity gets closer to the consumer, safety is key. To prevent any major engineering mishaps, and to ensure trouble-free execution and delivery, it is important to entrust your power distribution projects to those with years of experience in the field.

Distribution projects encompass 38% of our project experience, with private industrial and public utilities being the core clients that we serve. May it be a turnkey service or simply a procurement scope, KMN is the partner many clients continue to place their confidence in.


Power is everywhere- in your home, at the office, the places you enjoy visiting – it is the basic source that gives life to our daily activities.

KMN puts the safety and wellbeing of our consumers as the utmost priority in everything that we do. From providing turnkey services for energizing high-rise buildings to configuring a residential home’s total power needs, our teams come together to deliver solutions that aim to meet your technical and commercial requirements to the fullest.